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The Roval Alpinist Stem is a masterful blend of lightweight design and uncompromising stiffness, making it a top choice for cyclists who demand the best in performance and aesthetics. This alloy stem is specifically crafted to excel in intense cycling scenarios, from steep climbs to high-speed sprints. Weighing in at just 110 grams for a 110mm length, it's a true featherweight champion, providing significant advantages when the road ascends.

At the heart of the Alpinist Stem's design philosophy is the use of premium 7075 Alloy and Ti hardware, emphasizing the commitment to lightness without sacrificing quality. This choice of materials not only contributes to its minimal weight but also ensures durability and strength.

Despite its lightness, the Alpinist Stem is remarkably stiff. It is 3D forged and CNC machined, offering the rigidity required for powerful performance and precise, sharp handling, even in the most demanding situations.

Fit and compatibility are also central to the Alpinist Stem's design. With seven lengths and three different angles of rise available, cyclists can easily find the perfect fit for their riding style and posture. The stem's classic lines, polished black finish, and traditional 31.8mm clamp ensure that it not only performs superbly but also enhances the aesthetic of nearly any bike. The Alpinist Stem is not just a component; it's a statement of style and performance, making it an ideal upgrade for any serious cyclist.

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  • Light and stiff alloy stem, ideal for challenging cycling scenarios like climbs and sprints
  • Featherweight at just 110 grams for a 110mm length, enhancing climbing performance
  • Made with premium 7075 Alloy and Ti hardware for durability and minimal weight
  • 3D forged and CNC machined for exceptional stiffness and precise handling
  • Available in seven lengths and three angles of rise for a perfect fit
  • Classic design with a polished black finish and traditional 31.8mm clamp, suitable for almost any bike
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