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When you ride rougher surfaces, the high frequency vibrations passed from the tire/terrain interaction can both fatigue and jostle you. Those with sensitive hands and wrists will also feel the same at the front of the cockpit. A great carbon handlebar, the right bar tape, and some decent gloves can help up front, and carrying that thought process to the back of the back means the seatpost is your major line of defense with your cycling chamois pad just behind, if you'll excuse the pun. That is why Roval's Terra Seatpost was developed. It is the best choice for riding mixed terrain, gravel, or rough roads because it smooths the ride by allowing significant vertical compliance. The secret to this ride smoothing post is in the composite layup that Roval's engineers utilized. By utilizing composites with varying elongation characteristics at specific locations in the post, they enabled vertical compliance for comfort while the retaining requisite strength for mixed terrain riding At a sub-200 gram weight in the Zero offset, 330mm length, and a max system weight load of 240lbs, you can easily determine Roval mastered the strength quotient, and only riding the Terra will convince you about the comfort. We highly recommend it.

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  • Light weight carbon seatpost that delivers a great ride quality, real strength, and a clean aesthetic to any gravel or allroad bike.
  • Advanced Composite Construction delivers ride-smoothing vertical compliance
  • Proven clamp design ensures ease of adjustment and slip-free performance
  • Side clamp hardware provided for 7x7mm alloy round rails (installed) / 7x9mm carbon rails
  • 20mm offset with full extension
  • System (rider/worn gear) weight limit: 240lbs / 109kg
  • Diameter: 27.2mm
  • Length options: 330mm, 380mm
  • Offset options: Zero, 20mm
  • Finish: Satin UD Carbon
  • Weight: 194 grams (330mm x 0mm)
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