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The Schwalbe G-One RS gravel tire is Schwalbe's latest addition to their G-One lineup, designed specifically for racing where speed is paramount. This tire boasts a directional file-tread pattern in the center, with a unique tooth on one side of each fish-scale-like tread to enhance contact on uneven terrain. Additionally, it features prominent lateral side knobs of varying lengths to ensure stability and grip in corners.

In the realm of gravel racing, speed is not solely derived from rolling resistance. Enhanced control in various aspects such as braking, acceleration, and cornering enables riders to maintain speed across uneven landscapes. Schwalbe asserts that this particular tire demonstrates a 20% increase in speed in testing scenarios compared to their G-One R. The combination of lower rolling resistance and improved control and traction epitomizes an ideal balance for competitive edge. This makes the Schwalbe G-One RS a formidable choice for those seeking a decisive advantage in gravel racing.

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  • Schwalbe G-One RS designed for speed-centric racing
  • Directional file-tread pattern enhances uneven terrain contact
  • Prominent lateral side knobs for cornering stability and grip
  • 20% faster in tests compared to Schwalbe G-One R
  • Lower rolling resistance paired with optimal control and traction
  • Weight: 700x35mm | 410g, 700x40mm | 445g, 700x45mm | 505g
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