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With the move to 12-Speed, and many other changes across the component range, with the updated Di2 system, there is no more crucial component to the overall use and adjustment of the shifting system than the rear derailleur, and with the 105 R7100-series this workhorse component delivers. Shimano dedicated years of research, development, and testing to refine this Di2 road system and the RD-R7150 Rear Derailleur features prominently in terms of performance, capability, and actually replaces the Junction A box system of the previous versions. At 302 grams (listed), it is also reasonably light while still housing the new charging port, LED indicator, D-Fly communication system (BLE/ANT+ wireless), and Function button. Shimano's 105 components are known for seriously durable materials and steady performance despite the price point. The materials have been selected for the best combination of these characteristics, yet the overall function and design come right down from the Dura-Ace and Ultegra version. This R7150 Di2 shifting system delivers 46% faster rear shifting compared to the R8100 Di2 and while some may point out that Shimano continued with a partially wired system over full wireless, the engineering rationale has been strong and sound based on battery requirements.

In the R7150 Di2 set-up the shifter levers, which have a very low power requirement, employ a secure wireless communication system amply powered via dual coin cell batteries in each shifter body. The front and rear derailleurs handle the motors and actual shifting action and they are still powered by a new cylindrical internal seatpost battery (BT-DN300) which features three wiring ports for the SD300 e-Tube wires. Shimano rates the battery level at about 2000km of use, meaning you rarely have to charge the battery, which is much more powerful. As such, each derailleur has it's own wire that goes directly to the battery. Why is there a third wire port on the BT-DN300? Well, for R7100 105 Shimano allows you wire TT shifters via a combined junction and conversion system directly to the battery. By moving the charging and control access to the rear derailleur, Shimano also delivers easier adjustment, a more stable charging connection, and overall simplicity that current Di2 users will deeply appreciate.

Now built in a single cage length model for 105 that can handle 12-speed road cassettes in the 11-34T, and- in a105 RD-R7150 only option, an 11-36T tooth version, the R7150 ensures cyclists can meet their higher cadence pedaling styles and overall gearing range requirements in conjunction with the proper chainring pairing. The 11T composite Guide and Tension pulleys spin smooth and fast, while offering serious longevity and chain engagement. These ride in a strong and resilient cage, with both plates in aluminum that deflects torsion and allows for a specific shaping that ensure proper alignment. Steel hardware, steel B-axles, and four flouric coated link bushings keep the alloy construction functioning and moving with precision and fluidity for thousands of miles of reliable performance.

Along with the release of the R7100-series components, Shimano also created their new generation E-Tube app which truly simplifies the set-up, shift button customization, battery level check, and diagnostic process, with a much more effective user interface for iOS and Android devices via the system's Bluetooth Low Energy communication channel. While an upgraded e-Tube PC site is still an option, most users find the phone-based app to be the easiest option available. This derailleur does NOT include the EW-EC300 USB charging cable required to charge the DI2 system through the rear derailleur.

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  • 105-level 12-speed road Di2 Rear Derailleur for Shimano's R7100-series Di2 components
  • Greater gear capacity, with faster and more efficient shifting 12-Speed cassettes; RD features essential connections formerly housed in Junction A boxes
  • Direct attachment (hanger-style) mount, as well as Direct Mount option after removing link)
  • Shimano Shadow RD design is compact to the frame
  • Four fluoric coated link bushings with body featuring aluminum and GFRP construction
  • Steel B and B2 axles for stiff resistance to torsion
  • Both inner and outer cage plates are aluminum
  • Composite guide and tension pulley wheels, 11T each with recessed covers and stainless steel bolts
  • Max front chainring differential is 16T (ex. 50-34, 52-36 chainring combos)
  • Max large cog: 36T | Minimum large cog: 34T | Minimum small cog: 11T
  • Di2 features: SD300 wire port, Charging port for EW-EC300 USB cable, LED indicators, Adjust button, integrated BLE/ANT+ system for wireless communication to current e-Tube app
  • System requires a single SD300-series e-Tube wire from the internal seatpost battery to the rear derailleur (separate wire runs from battery to the front derailleur)
  • Does NOT include the EW-EC300 USB charging cable
  • Finish: 105-series polished Black
  • Weight: 301 grams (actual)
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