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There are plenty of bikes out there running on 8 speed Shimano chains, and like all bikes the need service, cleaning and new chains periodically. The 8-speed chain pin is compatible with both HG and IG, series chains, as well as 6 and 7 speed Shimano chains.

This is a 3-pack of chain pins, which need to be driven in by a compatible chain tool. Virtually all Shimano and Park chain tools, as well as most others on the market will drive the pin in to place. Please see package or utilize your search engine skills to get instructions or a quick tutorial. Proper installation will result in a safe chain.

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  • Shimano chains pins for 6, 7 & 8 speed Shimano chains
  • Compatible with HG and IG series chains
  • Genuine Shimano replacement part
  • Shimano part # Y04598010 (3-pack)
  • Sold as a pack of 3
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