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This is a complete replacement OE Shimano brake cable set optimized for Dura-Ace R9100 and 9000 series braking systems. While mechanical improvements in the Dual Control lever and in the brake calipers themselves deliver the greatest changes, the reduced rider effort level, smooth actuation, and impressive lever response owe much to the incredible Polymer Brake Cables and the lubricated liner of the BC-9000 SLR-EV cable housing.

Shimano developed a polymer coating for their premium 1.6mm OD SUS stainless steel cable which manifests in mini tube-shapes around the stainless cable. This was crucial to reduce friction within the cable and housing system through it's two major effects. The first is less surface area making contact with the inside sleeve of the housing- which reduces drag in the system. The second is that the cable can curve and bend more easily- again reducing friction. The space between the tubes also holds Shimano's silicone grease better.

Which leads us to the included BC-9000 cable housing. Shimano uses their silicone base Cable Grease within the liner that carries the polymer cable. When fitted with the included ferrules (including tongues), the system- while not truly sealed, actually prevents moisture and grime infiltration quite well. The cable movement within the 5mm OD housing is quite smooth, even with tighter bends. The BC-9000 is more flexible than the OT-SP41 lubricated housing, making it more friendly for the requirements of today's routing requirements.

The Dura-Ace Polymer Brake Cable Set features two Polymer brake cables (2000mm, 1000mm,) two lengths of the BC-9000 housing (1800mm, 800mm), two ferrules with tongues, and two cable ends. If you are looking to improve the performance of any of Shimano's cable-actuated brake systems, you can upgrade with this set. For R9100/9000 users, this cableset is required for you to maintain the OE braking experience you have come to expect.

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  • Full brake cable set optimal for Dura-Ace R9100/9000 cable-actuated systems
  • Can be used with any mechanical Shimano road brake system, but benefits are most clearly felt with mechanical refinements of R9100 and 9000 systems
  • Polymer-coated stainless steel 1.6mm cables reduce friction with tube-like structures
    • Lengths: 2000mm, 1000mm
  • Matched with pre-lubed BC-9000 5mm Shimano cable housing
    • Lengths: 1800mm, 800mm
  • Includes: 2 ferrules with tongues, 2 crimp end caps,
  • Housing color options: Black, Gray, White, Red
  • Made in Japan
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