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If you want a replacement brake shoe set, or simply want to have alternative brake pads pre-mounted and ready to install on your Shimano calipers, this 105 level brake shoe set is a solid option. The shoes work with 105, Ultegra and Dura Ace calipers and accept any Shimano compatible replacement pad. The standard pads that come with the brake shoes deliver excellent stopping power and durability.

Toe-in and height adjustment is simple and easy with the convex washer system. The cartridge style shoes are directional, so please pay attention while installing on calipers. Replacing cartridge style brake pads requires a small screwdriver. Back out the screw and push the pad out of the holder. To install a new pad, you can just push in the new pad and tighten the screw. Simple. If the pads don't slide in easily, try a little rubbing alcohol in the holder.

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  • Shimano replacement brake shoe set features 2 brake shoes, with pads
  • One set per Shimano compatible brake
  • Convex washer system makes installation and alignment simple
  • Cartridge style pad holders use a small screw to secure pads
  • Color: Black
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