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Along with the release of the 12-speed Di2 R9250 and R8150 Di2 road component series, Shimano has also released a new internal seatpost mounted cylinder battery. The new Lithium Ion DN300 battery features the same waterproof design that Di2 users have loved for generations, but now comes with SD300 wiring 3 ports. It delivers stable, long lasting power to Shimano's 12-speed road derailleurs and shifters (if a fully wired option is selected).

With the same size as its predecessor, the slim DN300 battery can be housed inside seat posts or frames ensuring a clean aesthetic. With it's3 ports, the DN300 simplifies wiring to front and rear derailleurs, with each getting its one, direct, wire to the battery which supplies stable power at all times. Shimano rates battery charge at about 2000km of use, though that will vary, so please use the 4th generation Shimano e-Tube Project app (iOS and Android) for easy and direct monitoring of available battery capacity. Charging is handled via USB-A compatible Shimano EW-EC300 cable that connects to the rear derailleur of the 12-speed Di2 series via a special pin connector system.

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  • Updated battery for 12-speed Shimano Di2 shifting systems
  • Compatible with thinner next generation e-Tube wire SD300 for systems including/after R9250/R8150 Di2 series
  • Three SD300 e-Tube wire ports for direct FD, RD (shifters if desired) connection
  • Rated capacity (Ah): 0.5
  • Rated capacity (Wh): 3.7
  • Rated voltage (V): 7.4
  • Includes small parts and hardware for mounting inside seatpost (some posts may require a specific inner sleeve per post shape and diameter)
  • 12-speed Di2 series systems utilize a magnetic charging port located on the rear derailleur, which requires the EW-EC300 (to USB-A) cable (also used for FC-R9200-P power meter crankset)
  • Color: Black
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