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Thanks to intensive engineering, pro team input and the movement of Shimano Di2's E-Tube system to the "Smart" category, the primary connection of the rear E-Tube wires to the front versions can now take place in the confines of a handlebar end. Yes, you read that right, your A-Junction connection, with interactive buttons can now sit in your bar end, replacing a standard bar-end plug. And yes, ideally you want internal wiring access within the handlebar, but it isn't required. Some frame makers (such as Pinarello) are also providing a frame port on select designs for this Shimano Di2 EW-RS910 Junction Box as well.

The system consists of the junction box itself, blank bar end, holders, and dummy plugs for protecting unused terminals. The face of the plug has an E-Tube battery charging port, a battery indicator, and the Di2 derailleur adjustment button (which is used in conjunction with your Di2 shift buttons). Simple, clean and easy to use and wire, the EW-RS910 Junction Box is the present and future for the most efficient Di2 E-Tube set-up.

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  • Di2 E-Tube Junction A bar end fitment for internal wiring set-up
  • Some frames now include an integrated frame port for this part as well
  • The A Junction connects your shifter set-up to the rear wires
  • Includes a matching blank end cap, dummy port covers, holder
  • Interface for charging the battery and a charging indicator
  • Button for derailleur adjustment used with X/Y shifter buttons
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 17 grams
  • Shimano MFG part# IEWRS910
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