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Shimano offers several so-called B Junction, Y-Split connection harnesses for e-Tube Di2. These connectors have been developed to allow you to connect your cockpit controls as cleanly and efficiently as possible. All options start with EW-JC130. Each version features three cables that join at a permanent Y-junction, with three male connectors, one at the end of each cable.

This EW-JC130 Y-Split e-Tube Connector has a (A) feed out of the Y-Split, which connects to the A junction box. One branch of the Y-Split is long (B), the other is short (C). This system cannot be shortened or modified, and works with all e-Tube Di2 shifters. There are multiple length options available to meet your needs.

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  • Y-Split e-Tube Connector harness for e-Tube Di2 shifter set up
  • Shimano sizes the unit by three lengths: A, B, C
  • A is the from A junction into the Y- Split
  • B and C are the branches of the Y-Split one for each shifter
  • Each end is a male e-Tube connector
  • Available is several length options
  • Weight: 9 grams
  • Shimano MFG part# IEWJC130
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