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If you need to replace the pulley wheels for your Shimano Dura-Ace R9100 or R9150 rear derailleur, this is the correct set to keep your premium drivetrain humming along with quiet, low friction precision. It is actually amazing how well these lightweight (16g) pulleys wear and tolerate constant use while pedaling, with minimal thought given to them. Most riders and mechanics will see visual wear first in the lower Guide pulley, and when that wear is clear, potentially affecting chain performance, it is best to replace both pulleys. Even if you can't see the obvious wear on the upper pulley, it will be be found in wear on the valleys of the teeth, not in the teeth themselves.

This replacement set includes the two pulley wheels: Guide and Tension. Both have are lightweight, feature triangle structural members with cut outs, feature 11 teeth, precision sealed bearing assemblies, and are directional, but are not interchangeable. The Guide pulley (upper- labeled as G-Pulley) has sharper, more vertical oriented teeth that offer excellent chain wrap and guidance that are essential as you shift up and down the cassette. The Tension pulley (lower- labeled as T-Pulley) has shorter, thicker teeth that are designed for long wear and efficiency under the perfectly balanced spring tension delivered by your R9100 /R9150(Di2) rear derailleur.

Keep your premium drivetrain running properly at all times. This Shimano Dura-Ace RD-9100 Derailleur Pulley Set is crucial to overall drivetrain performance and rider safety, so when you clean your drivetrain or inspect your bike, pay extra attention to the details. Ideally, when your pulleys show wear, you should replace them along with the chain and cassette- and check your chainrings as well- to ensure proper wear rate right from the start.

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  • Genuine Shimano DA R9100/9150 11-spd derailleur replacement pulley set
  • Includes both 11T Guide and 11T Tension pulley wheels
  • Durable POM composite material pulleys with specific design and profiles
  • Both pulleys feature precision sealed cartridge bearing systems, low friction, long-life
  • Each pulley is marked- as G-Pulley or T-Pulley, with the spin direction
  • No hardware included
  • Weight: 16 grams
  • Made in Japan
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