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Press-Fit isn't just an outlier any more. Just about every road frame now uses some version of a press-in bottom bracket. Framebuilders who adhere to Shimano's design use a road standard that fits 86.5mm wide BB shells with a 41mm internal diameter. The Dura-Ace level BB92-41B has been updated with smaller bearings for a smoother, lower resistance within the bearing race. This Press-Fit design is compatible with Shimano's Hollowtech 24mm spindle road cranksets. The high pressure resin body is stiff and designed to eliminate creaking when both BB and crankset are properly installed. Technically it directly replaces the BB91 version.

The BB92-41B is lighter, by 17 grams and weighs just 55 grams. As with other redesigned Shimano bottom brackets, the change in bearing size and quantity was matched with new, better weather proof seals, so functionality and protection have both been improved. While there are many upgrades out there at great cost, the excellence of Shimano's engineering team ensures that dollar for value, there isn't a better Press-Fit BB92 bottom bracket on the market for twice or three times the cost.

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  • Shimano Press-Fit bottom bracket fits shells 86.5mm wide, 41mm internal diameter
  • Dura-Ace level BB now with smaller bearings for less resistance, smooth operation
  • New seals better prevent water and other contaminants from infiltrating bearing
  • High pressure resin body carries and protects bearings, easily pressed into frame
  • Compatible with 24mm spindle Shimano Hollowtech cranksets
  • BB92-41B replaces BB91 version
  • Excellent life when BB and crank are installed properly
  • Internal sleeve protects bearings from moisture in seat tube/ frame
  • Weight: 55 grams
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