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Cyclists who ride Shiman's Di2 shifting system love the sleek, refined shape and design of the R9150 electronic shift, cable-actuated brake dual control levers. If you are an every day cyclist or high mileage weekend warrior, you know that in time your hoods will need to be replaced, and if you are riding Dura-Ace R91050 Di2, these are the replacement hoods you need. The hoods finish off the levers. With the entire R9100 series, the body design and lever pivot shape was improved for better ergonomics and reduced lever throw range. Shimano is all about engineering and continual improvement or refinement, so that was no surprise. What was startling was how the new hood material and finish shape became the talk of Dura-Ace fans.

If you long for the out-of-the-box experience or have an unfortunate tear, these genuine replacements make your R9150 Dual Control levers feel brand new again. The rubber material Shimano is known for has long been effective in wet or dry conditions, but as it wears, it can get a bit slick. The new hood is made with a proprietary blend that offers greater comfort and use in wet or dry, even when worn. The grid-like in-molded pattern offers more grip, with channels for water and moisture release. and the overall effect is that the hood feels more natural in the hand, with better grip. Di2 is all about efficiency, ease, and allowing the rider to focus on the road, tactics, and enjoyment. Nothing like new hoods to get bring back that loving feeling.

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  • One pair, (left-right), replacement hoods for R9150 Di2 shift, cable-actuated brake Dual Control levers
  • Improved, proprietary material increases grip, comfort, and feel
  • New textured zone offers some cushion, with grid channels allow moisture release
  • Highly specific design- only for R9150 Di2 levers
  • Genuine Shimano replacement for premium fit and performance
  • Sold only as a Left/Right pair
  • Color: Black
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