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Shimano's Di2 system offers the cyclist several options for customizing their shifting set-up. The SW-R9150 Shift Switch was updated with the whole of Dura-Ace R9150/70 Di2 usage. Known as the "climber's switch" this pair is designed for handlebar mouting. Most cyclists choose to mount them to either side of the stem for easy shifting while riding with hands on the top of the handlebar. This version has been updated for better fit and lower profile, and features personalization of what the actual button's do. The shifters are programmable via the E-Tube App or website through the connection and junction wiring system. The buttons are specific to left and right side and have a hard wired E-Tube cable with a male port end. These are designed to plug into the receiving port of the same side STI shift lever.

The SW-R9150 shifters have firmware, which can be updated via the E-Tube system. The units themselves are sealed to prevent water infiltration. A bar mount shim is set-up, then the actual button's are popped in. The E-Tube cables are 261mm long, so you have plenty of wire to work with, but not too much to hide with narrower handlebars. The pair weighs just 43 grams. Due to changes made with E-Tube and the capabilities of R9150/70 Di2, the SW-R9150 Shift Switch is compatible with ST-R9150/9170 STI levers, RD-9150 rear derailleur and FD-R9150 front derailleur, and now as well with the Ultegra R8000 and 6800 series Di2, and Dura-Ace 9000.< /p>

The personalization options include whether the action of each button shifts up or down the cassette, as well as the programmable number of cogs shifted in the rear. One other option is to set the buttons to control the front derailleur. The E-Tube App provides all the options, and depending on your E-Tube choices, you can either plug in via USB or update over the air via Bluetooth or ANT+ protocols. Shimano has built out the E-Tube platform with new smart batteries, junctions and updated the online and App systems to make the set-up, updating, and programming of the system, including the SW-R9150 Shift Switch easier. Return to Top


  • Top of the handlebar satellite "climber's" shifter set for Shimano Di2 R9150/9170
  • Updated and improved button and mount system
  • Firmware updates and programmable through E-Tube system / software
  • Each button is hardwired, with 261mm cable with male E-Tube port end
  • Compatible with Dura-Ace and Ultegra 11-speed Di2 levers (make sure your firmware is updated across the board)
  • Mounts get zip-tied to handlebar, buttons clip into the mount
  • Most users mount direct to bar and tape over the top
  • Advanced programming options when used a directed
  • Shimano Part#: ISWR9150
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