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For Shimano's freehub systems, a tacky, but not gummy, lightweight grease is considered optimal. A thin, smooth, consistent coat over the mechanical surfaces like ratchets and pawls will keep everything meshing properly, with little friction or wear, but proper engagement. Shimano's Freehub Grease sits just above the super lightweight SP-41 Cable Grease and the Premium Grease, which was designed for bearings, threads, etc. The Freehub Grease is soft, smooth, and seems attracted to metal, as it holds well, with minimal effort. This is not a grease you need to go heavy with, just apply the thinnest, most comprehensive layer that you can, and wipe off the excess.

Shimano recommends ensuring that you don't mix this grease any other product, and not use on ball bearings. If you aren't sure what grease was used last, do a thorough cleaning job. Shimano Freehub Grease is designed not harden, and remains soft even in very cold temperatures, nor will heat break it down. It is ideal to clean and lubricate your freehub engagement points at every general hub service. A 50 gram container would last a busy shop mechanic about 6 months, so home users should have this on-hand for years of smooth and reliable Shimano freehub engagement.

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  • Light-to-mid weight grease engineered for Shimano freehub bodies
  • Smooth, soft feel, with a light tackiness to adhere to parts, remain soft
  • Designed for ratchets, pawls, springs, etc; will not get gummy or harden
  • Not be mixed with other grease or lube, nor used on ball bearings
  • Stays pliant and effective at very low and very high temperatures
  • Use in thin, covering layer; remove excess
  • Resists water, helps prevent corrosion, wear, friction
  • Keep in mind that other company's freehubs may require specific lubricant
  • Size: 50 gram container
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