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Mountain Disc Brake Pads

Shimano G04S Metal Disc Brake Pad

The G04S disc brake pad from Shimano was designed around the last two generations of XTR/XT calipers. A choice versus the finned option, the G04S has a steel backing plate, with a sintered metal pad surface, making it an ideal disc brake pad for all weather riding and training, as well as racing. Shimano carried the caliper/pad design over to many brake models and this is a best selling pad for the combination of durable, reliable braking and widespread use.

This package includes one set of pads (for one caliper), and the retaining spring that holds the pads in place via the central threaded or cotter pin system of the top of the caliper. Sintered metal pads deliver the best all weather braking performance and are much more durable in dry conditions versus resin compound versions. If you live in an area where you regularly face wet conditions (even stream crossing, run off, etc), the sintered metal pad should be your every day pad. This also goes for bike commuters as well. Metal pads can be a little louder than resin, and feel firmer, but provide consistent, powerful braking at all times.


  • Widely used pad design for Shimano disc brake calipers from 2012-2017
  • Sintered metal hard brake pad surface with a stiff steel backing plate
  • Durable, reliable all weather disc brake pad in all riding conditions
  • Long service life, consistent pad bite, resists high temperatures and contamination
  • Each package includes 1 set of pads, 1 cotter pin, 1 spring, for use with 1 caliper
  • Caliper compatibility: M9000 series, M985/7, M8000 series, M785, M675, M666, M615, S700, CX77, RS785, R785, R517, R317