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Shimano's GRX gravel components lean towards road in performance and capabilities, but durability and special features also come from the mountain bike side of the design table. Add in the inherent accuracy and precision of Shimano's Di2 electronic shifting and you have something truly special. The increased strength is built in to handle the rigors of constant abuse on rough gravel roads, or worse, yet Shimano has found a way to keep the components within close range of Ultegra R8000 road models. The 11-speed GRX RD-RX815 Di2 adds more from MTB technology into the rear derailleur to optimize chain tension for a more efficient, stable, and reliable 2x drivetrain over rough roads and terrain. With an integrated chain stabilizer mechanism, the GRX derailleur provides a quieter riding experience and shifting security with Shimano drivetrain precision on mixed terrain. For rides on smooth surfaces, the derailleur features an On/Off switch for the chain tensioner. The RD-RX815 Di2 rear derailleur is compatible with road cassettes with a 34T low sprocket max. Many aspects of this design were first released in mountain bike derailleurs for double chainring set-ups several years ago, was updated and improved for MTB 1x11 drivetrains and has now become a must-have feature on the road and gravel side of things with a double chainring set-up.

The now familiar Shadow cage and parallelogram design sits much closer to the frame and under the cassette, protecting the cage from ground contact in case of accident or from bike to bike interaction when transporting multiple bikes. The pathway the derailleur action travels when shifted is also more linear, and smooth. Adding that greater range opens more cyclists up to various forms of road cycling, such as gravel, endurance, adventure, etc. The B-link standard hanger mount can be uncoupled from the direct mount pivot if your frame accepts the direct mount system.

Ultegra Di2-level quality materials and finish means you get a robust derailleur body, links, and axles which are strong and light. Flouric coated link bushings keep the movement smooth and the linkage torsionally stiff and aligned. The stouter cage plates are made from machined aluminum, so you gain a few grams but gain max durability to go along with excellent cage stiffness. The cage design is torsionally and laterally stiff, resulting in reliable shifts and chain performance under load, no matter what ring and cog combination you find yourself in- all the way from 11-34. The upper and lower pulley wheels of the cage have specific profiles, and ride on Stainless Steel bolts that ensure longevity and resist corrosion.

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  • GRX RD for 2x Di2 electronic drivetrains and max 11-34 cassette usage
  • Shimano e-Tube Project Di2 electronic shifting component
  • Di2 shifting precision and stability with minimal input effort, incredible shift speed
  • Clutch design for optimized chain tension, reduced chain slap, missed gears
  • Shadow RD+ design protects cage/assembly from damage, improves shifting plane
  • Designed for traditional hanger systems, with direct mount option (remove B-link)
  • Hollow B-Axle is stainless steel, with incredible stiffness
  • Aluminum/GFRP body, pivots, axles; stiff, strong, light, w/ plated or anodized finishes
  • 4 fluoric coated bushings keep action smooth, consistent & pivots torsionally aligned
  • 13T pulley wheels
  • Aluminum cage plates are durable, resilient, and light, with anodized finish
  • Compatible with 2nd generation Shimano road Di2 Dual Control levers and GRX 1 2x
  • Max 17T front chainring differential
  • Works with 2x on 11-30, 32, 34 cassettes; w/ HG-EV 11-speed/HG-X11 chains
  • Programmed electronic shifting with Synchro option- fast and accurate
  • Single e-Tube port
  • Compatible with all E-Tube Di2 technology including firmware updates
  • Finish: GRX/Di2 Scheme
  • Weight: 287 grams
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