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Equipment > Components > Brake Levers > Shifter/Brake Lever with Caliper Gravel


The Shimano ST-RX820 GRX Dual Control Lever with Caliper provides precise and effortless mechanical 12-speed shifting and braking, perfect for mixed-terrain riding and competitive racing. The GRX ST-RX820 Dual Control Lever with Caliper Set forms the Dual Control STI system mechanical shift/hydraulic disc brake use with GRX 12-speed. The Right set is for the rear derailleur and rear disc brake. It can be used for both 1x and 2x GRX drivetrains. The Left set is for the front derailleur and front disc brake when using the 2x drivetrain. Each side is sold as a set, with lever and pre-bled housing assembly to the Flat Mount disc caliper.

The GRX hood's textured surface guarantees you maintain control, even during rough descents. Thanks to the anti-slip coating on GRX brake levers, you can count on Shimano's renowned stopping power even in wet or muddy conditions. Also, the redesigned GRX RX820 hood features a rounded profile that spreads pressure across a larger area of your hand, guaranteeing lasting comfort during extended rides.

The GRX BR-R820 disc brake caliper brings a new level of control to gravel cycling with enhanced modulation and a quicker initial braking point. And despite its smaller construction, the system is quieter and easier to maintain.

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  • 12-spd Dual Control Mechanical Shift / Hydraulic Brake lever assembly for GRX drivetrains
  • Sold as a Lever, hose, Flat Mount Disc caliper for one side- Left or Right
  • Left assembly is Front control for 2x drivetrain, Right is for Rear- 1x or 2x drivetrains
  • Pre-bled hydraulic brake system from lever to caliper
  • Gravel-specific brake lever and bracket ergonomics
  • Anti-slip coating on brake lever surface
  • Optimized for use with flared handlebars
  • Shifter/Rear Speeds: 12
  • Includes Brake Hose Kit: SM-BH90-JK-SSR
  • Includes Brake Caliper: BR-RX820
  • 10% wider pad clearance decreases brake noise
  • Standard Brake Pads: K05S-RX Resin (w/o fin)/L05A-RF Resin (w/ fin)
  • Maintenance-friendly bleeding process
  • Oil: Shimano Mineral
  • Recommended Disc Rotor (not included): RT-CL800
  • Average Weight (Lever): 289g
  • Average Weight (Front Caliper): 146g, (Rear Caliper): 136g
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