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Mountain Disc Brake Fluid & Bleed Kits

Shimano recommends that you only use genuine Shimano hydraulic mineral oil in Shimano hydraulic disc brake systems. This specially formulated, environmentally friendly mineral oil is now available in a 50ml reusable squeeze top bottle, and full liter easy-to-pour container.

Shimano's formula is the only oil, mineral or DOT, that can be safely used in their hydraulic disc brake systems. You should never mix or use another product in your Shimano system, as you can destroy seals and internals, compromising your safety and equipment. This mineral oil is hydrophobic (will not absorb water, though it can be contaminated), and has a boiling point well over 500°F, a crucial measure for braking systems that deliver stopping power by creating friction very close to the fluid source. You can trust Shimano to have engineered the hydraulic systems and components, including this mineral oil, to exacting specifications that will keep you safe, with excellent brake functions in all situations.

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  • Genuine, specially formulated Mineral Oil for all Shimano Hydraulic Brake systems
  • Non-corrosive, but recommend wear nitrile gloves and eye protection when using
  • Environmentally friendly: will break down without damage within 30 days
  • Can be stored indefinitely if sealed against moisture, dust, dirt
  • Hydrophobic; will not absorb moisture, very high boiling point (536°F)
  • Never use any other mineral or DOT fluids in Shimano's disc brake systems
  • Sizes: 100ml, 500ml, 1 Liter (1000ml)

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