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To get the best performance from your Shimano road STI cable actuated shift levers, nothing beats a fresh cableset built around the incredible OPTSLIK derailleur cables. The super-low friction cables ride in Shimano's superior pre-lubricated OT-SP41 4mm OD derailleur housing. The two included OPTISLICK cables are 2100mm long, and 1700mm of housing is provided. You also get four polymer housing end caps (ferrules), plus one sealed version, an OT-SP41 pre-lubricated sealed housing end cap for the rear derailleur, and two cable end crimps.

The best mechanical shifters and derailleurs can't work to their engineered specifications without a high quality cable gliding smoothly within cable housing. Shimano's Optislik 1.2mm derailleur cable starts with a high quality, multi-strand, wound stainless steel cable, which is given an minimalist electrically-applied coated layer, which improves the ergonomics and reduces the shifting forces by 20% through its hyperslick properties. Durable and smooth throughout normal cable life, affordable Optislik cables allow your components to work effortlessly, with the excellent performance you desire while resisting corrosion.

Shimano's Cable Grease is the secret sauce that can improve any Shimano housing, but the SP41 housing is made with it, so a micro-thin layer is applied to the entire internal surface of the housing, which drastically reduces friction, but also won't collect dirt and dust when proper housing ferrules are used. This OPTISLIK Derailleur Cableset will exceed your expectations for performance, longevity and value.

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  • Premium road derailleur shift cable and housing set developed by Shimano
  • OPTISLICK Derailleur Cables
    • Hyper-low friction 1.2mm derailleur cable from Shimano
    • Stainless steel wound strand cable for anti-rust protection
    • Cables are formed with curved surface for low friction
    • Electrically-applied Optislik coated layer, reduces the shifting forces by 20%
    • Coating is durable, can extend cable and housing life, which always needs to be monitored for wear or infiltration to ensure top-level shifting performance
    • Length: 2100mm each
    • Quantity: 2 cables
  • OT-SP41 Derailleur Housing
    • Superior pre-lubricated OT-SP41 4mm OD derailleur housing
    • Shimano's Cable Grease applied as micro-thin layer during manufacture
    • Fully coated internal structure seriously decreases friction, regardless of routing
    • Highly resistant to corrosion with proper ferrule use
    • Length: 1700mm (to be cut to required lengths)
  • Set includes: four polymer housing end caps (ferrules), plus one sealed version, an OT-SP41 pre-lubricated sealed Stainless steel end cap for the rear derailleur, and two cable end crimps
  • Housing color options: Black, White
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