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The best mechanical shifters and derailleurs can't work to their engineered specifications without a high quality cable gliding smoothly within cable housing. Shimano's Optislik 1.2mm derailleur cable starts with a high quality, multi-strand, wound stainless steel cable, which is given an minimalist electrically-applied coated layer, which improves the ergonomics and reduces the shifting forces by 20% through its hyperslick properties. Durable and smooth throughout normal cable life, affordable Optislik cables allow your components to work effortlessly, with the excellent performance you desire.

This 2100mm long individually-packaged cable is packaged with a single derailleur cable end cap, and features a fully integrated Shimano-type barrel stop. It works with all current generation, and most past generation Shimano shifters and the generous length is appropriate for virtually all non-tandem bicycles.Now when you can change your inner cable wires out, you can not only refresh your drivetrain, but improve it, with Optislik cables.

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  • Hyper-low friction derailleur cable from Shimano for nearly all Shimano drivetrains
  • Stainless steel wound strand cable for anti-rust protection
  • Cables are formed with curved surface for low friction
  • Electrically-applied Optslik coated layer, reduces the shifting forces by 20%
  • Coating is durable and may extend cable and housing life, which always needs to be monitored for wear or infiltration to ensure top-level shifting performance
  • Length: 2100mm
  • Diameter: 1.2mm
  • Includes end cap
  • Sold as an individual cable
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