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This is a replacement for the stock Shimano R9100/9000 series derailleur cable set. It features the two inner cables, housing, ferrules, and cable ends. The inner cable has a new, enhanced polymer coating that assists to reduce friction for the buttery-smooth shifting that is a hallmark of the 11-speed Dura-Ace cable-actuated shifting systems.

The Polymer Shift Cable features this coating, which manifests in mini tube-shapes around the stainless cable. This has two major effects. The first is less surface area making contact with the inside sleeve of the housing- which reduces drag in the system. The second is that the cable can curve and bend more easily- again reducing friction. The space between the tubes also holds Shimano's silicone grease better.

Included within this complete Dura-Ace Polymer Shift Cableset is a 1700mm long, 4mm OT-SP41 housing that has been lubricated internally with Shimano's silicone Cable Grease. . There is a 2100mm inner cable and a 1800mm inner cable. Shimano also includes 6 assorted ferrules and two shift cable ends. The final small part is called the "Cover with tongue (nose cap)". This is a wear item used with 11-speed Dura-Ace and XTR rear derailleurs to reduce cable fray and is designed to be replaced with the polymer cable.

Note: This Kit does not include the 240mm segment of OT-RS900 housing, which is much more flexible, and required for proper set-up and function with the R9100/R8000/R7000 rear derailleurs. We do offer that separately, just enter 581930 into the search box above, or if you want a complete kit with the loop included, enter 581865.

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  • Polymer shift cable set designed for Shimano Dura-Ace R9100/9000 shift systems
  • Can be used with any 11-speed cable Shimano road or mountain system, but benefits are most clearly felt with mechanical refinements of R9100, R8000, R7000 systems
  • Polymer-coated stainless steel cable reduces friction with tube-like structures
  • Matched with specific pre-lubed 4mm Shimano cable housing
  • 1700mm of OT-SP41 housing features internal silicone cable grease
  • 1.2mm diameter Polymer coated SUS stainless cables: 1 x 2100mm, 1 x 1700mm
  • Includes: 5 black cable ferrules, 1 metal ferrule for the rear derailleur, 2 crimp end caps, 1 Cover w/tongue (RD nose cap)
  • Two of the black ferrules have a lengthwise ridge, these are used with the shifter bodies
  • Housing color options: Black, Gray, White, Red
  • Shimano part#: Y63Z98910 (Black)
  • Made in Japan

Does not include the 240mm OT-RS900 housing loop REQUIRED for R9100/R8000/ R7000 rear derailleurs

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