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Shimano released their 12-Speed groupsets with a recommendation that the RT-MT800/900 rotors where the compatible options for XT, XTR, Ultegra and Dura-Ace, but the engineers at Shimano and their partners at ICE Technologies were still working on a new road-oriented version. Still acceptable for XC mountain use, and more than a match for gravel or road the Dura-Ace level RT-CL900 Center Lock Disc Rotor has advanced design features and enhanced ICE Tech features that keep the rotor even cooler, quieter and more efficient. As part of the 12-Speed R9200 release, the Dura-Ace caliper was made as a one-piece unit, with a more compact and cleaner design, but also improved performance overall. Using ICE Tech designed finned brake pads, and the RT-CL900 rotor, the road hydraulic disc brake experience has been taken to another level.

With a focus on decreasing disc brake rotor heat deformation, the new disc brake rotor is quieter than ever and delivers brake performance without sacrificing weight or heat dissipation. The sandwich-type braking ring of the rotor: stainless steel, aluminum, and stainless steel, carries over but with a new directional and symmetrical fin design for a more consistent feel, and cooling action. The anodized aluminum spider has a new arm shape that is more robust, leading to quieter operation overall, without adding weight. The spider carries the ICE Tech Freeza cooling radiator system, further reducing heat build up and features a Freeza paint that also dissipates heat faster than an unpainted radiator. The cooler unit overall makes for more confident descending, lessens risk of rotor warping, and maximizes disc brake pad life while delivering better overall power, feel and modulation when used with R9270 Dual Control levers and R9270 disc calipers equipped with ICE Tech disc brake pads.

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  • Updated Dura-Ace level Center Lock disc rotor that quieter than ever, but with superb, consistent braking performance on any long, steep descents thanks to excellent heat dissipation
  • Featuring ICE Technologies design and cooling system
  • ICE Tech Freeza radiator system dissipates heat and actively cools while wheel rotates
  • Freeza includes painted surface that also dissipates heat from the rotor
  • Braking ring is a polished "sandwich" design: Stainless steel + Aluminum + Stainless steel
  • Center spider is aluminum, featuring Freeza radiator, painted surface and Center Lock interface
  • The new arm shape is more robust, leading to quieter operation
  • Heat dissipation paint boosts performance
  • Includes internal serration lockring: anodized aluminum (fits HG cassette tool; type depended on axle diameter)
  • Color: Black/Polished Silver
  • Sizes: 140 mm, 160 mm
  • Weights: 96g (140mm), 114g (160mm)
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