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Enjoy one our best-selling mountain shoes in this WIDE fit XC702. The essence and design features of the vaunted S-Phyre mountain bike cycling shoes from Shimano form the foundation of the XC-series overall. With the XC702, riders save plenty of cash, but maintain much of the true performance of the XC902. This generation gets upgraded materials and design features, and still an XC race-level / competition grade shoe. With a seriously stiff carbon sole plate, micro-adjustment from the re-imagined path of the dual Boa retention systems, more supple Surround upper, and impressive grip and durability of the ULTREAD XC rubber outsole, the XC702 can be a top grade XC trail or race shoe for those who prefer to maximize power transfer.

Sole stiffness, structure and shape all combine to deliver proper pedaling dynamics from the shoe to the pedal throughout the pedal stroke, and Shimano's UD carbon fiber soles are incredible. So much so that their stiffness scale goes to 12 (with the highest ratings to road shoes that can be stiff to the extreme). The XC702 delivers a 9/12 but rare is the individual who can truly define the feeling of a 9 or 10 differential. Employing their own Dynalast power transfer design, the sole, last and insole serve to deliver the power you create, while carrying the bottom of the foot with support throughout the arch and metatarsal zone to reduce fatigue and limit potential for injury from strain. Shimano complements the power phase of the pedal stroke by ensuring the XC702 will also cradle your foot through the back half as well, using a simple, but effective lightweight heel counter sole, aligns with the center of the heel, then uses the capture shape of the upper to control the zone around the Achilles tendon, maintaining stability and a secure feeling whether your efforts are in or out of the saddle.

Of course, that stiff sole is also lightweight, with the XC702 coming in at a reasonable 360 grams per shoe. The adaptable insole is also a lightweight, but dense foam material that won't absorb sweat and fits bacterial build-up. Shimano covers the carbon sole with their ULTREAD XC rubber for overall walking grip and protection. The same material with a second density is used for the tread lugs (rear, cleat, toe), and an aggressively patterned mid-foot zone that enables grip over rocky, uneven terrain, as well as for those occasions where pedaling on the pedal body- and not clipped in, can be helpful. Those who require spikes can opt for two lengths, which can offer much more grip and be easily replaced. The included version is shape-optimized, low-profile version favored by XC race competitors.

Some critics may say that Shimano was late to the Boa closure party, but the company had long been pleased with their fit and closure system. It became clear the a wire-type system offered an advantage, so the new upper design and material evolved and Shimano has reworked the current Powerzone system with a single Boa L6 upper closure, and a second that draws a synthetic wire from newly placed anchors to ensure the fore and mid-foot zones come together for the best fit while limiting pressure points.

The out-of-the-box fit, technology, performance, and quality of the XC702 is almost impossible to beat at the price. For those unwilling to shell out for the highest grade shoes, it is great to know that Shimano delivers a fantastic performance MTB shoe that keeps you cooler and dryer while maximizing your power output without compromise.

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  • WIDE fit version of the XC702 MTB shoe. Slightly Wider forefoot and heel cup.
  • High performance MTB SPD-type cycling shoe for XC race or XC trail riding with stiff carbon sole, Boa fit, supple upper
  • Minimalist aesthetic and pure ergonomic form delivers a clear focus on functional performance
  • Synthetic leather Surround upper provides perfect balance of fit and absolute all-day comfort
  • Upper is strategically perforated for breathability, heat and moisture release
  • Dual Boa IP6 dial and wire systems anchored by strategically placed Powerzone lace guide system anchor points
  • Shimano stiffness rating of 9/12 delivers a carbon fiber sole supports foot, transfers power ventilation
  • Shimano Dynalast sole and last design, with external heel counter
  • ULTREAD rubber compound provides the right balance of grip, durability and flexibility, featuring anti-slip mid-foot pattern while protecting the carbon sole plate
  • Low stack height midsole helps stabilize foot, maximizes power transfer and efficiency
  • 2-bolt SPD-style cleat interface with fore-aft cleat alignment marking system
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 40-48 (whole sizes)
  • Weight: 360 grams per shoe (size 42)
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