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This is the quality work horse derailleur cable of just about every shop in the world. The wound SUS stainless steel cable resists corrosion, is strong, and works with most cable actuated road and mountain shifters of the last several decades. The Shimano Stainless Steel Shift Cable features curved surfaces, which limits drag within the housing and increases overall durability and longevity of both cable and housing.

Sold here as a 1.2mm diameter single cable, at 2100mm in length, this will fit for front or rear derailleur on the vast majority of frame sizes for road, mountain, and hybrid bikes. Shimano offers a 3000mm length option for tandem, recumbent or trike applications that require a longer cable. This cable has the single compact barrel for shifter use. The end of the cable is finished to prevent fraying during installation and set-up. Shimano provides a small crimp-able end cap to finish the job and prevent fraying after you cut the cable to desired length.

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  • 1.2mm wound SUS stainless steel shift (derailleur) cable
  • Works with virtually all Shimano, SunTour, SRAM shifters for road or mountain
  • 2100mm length works for nearly all frames for front or rear derailleur use
  • Cable features strands with curved edges to reduce friction, prolong cable and housing life
  • Includes smaller crimp-style end cap for 1.2mm OD cable
  • Sold as an individual cable
  • Made in Japan
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