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As every shop mechanic knows, having the right tool for the job makes the work easier, faster, and delivers better results. With Shimano's hydraulic disc brake systems relatively easy to service and maintain, more riders and home mechanics now take care of these straightforward, mineral oil driven systems. The Shimano TL-BH62 Disc Brake Hose Cut and Set Tool is a 2 in 1 precision driven tool perfect for home, shop or event kit. It cuts disc brake hose at exactly 90°, perfectly, every time. It also then is used to set the insert (hose barb) securely into the hose end. Proper cuts and fitments are crucial for best results with hydraulic systems and the TL-BH62 gets both tasks done with surgical precision.

The modular design of the tool makes it easy to handle and use for both operations. The durable composite material and metal components are high quality. The textured handles make holding and using the TL-BH62 safe and efficient. Features wise, the clamping force on the house is adjustable, and the cutting blade is replaceable. Shimano includes an extra bald for your convenience. This compact too is easy to store and carry. When closed the design protects both tool itself and the owner from accidental harm. If you want to get the best results from home service on your Shimano hydraulic disc brake system, you need to own the TL-BH62 Disc Brake Hose Cut & Set Tool.

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  • Essential tool for hydraulic disc brake service; cuts hydraulic hose, inserts barb
  • Cutter delivers precise 90 degree cuts every time
  • Set tool securely and easily inserts hose barbs flush, properly
  • Adjustable clasping power on hose
  • Replaceable cutting blade, one extra blade included
  • Composite body with precision metal internals
  • Ideal for all mechanics- shop, home, event
  • Genuine Shimano Part#: Y13098570
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