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Shimano can be a very practical company, with excellent engineering and innovative design. That said, it took the Japanese component giant a long time to develop a quick link system for their chains that they felt offered zero compromises in performance, wear, and strength. That achieved, they created the TL-CN10 Quick Link Tool to both connect and disconnect the SM-CN900 11 Speed Quick Link.

The shop quality tool is similar to many chain pliers, but features three extensions. The center tool fitment is used to both connect and disconnect the chain, with it's outer paired tool. It looks a little strange, but works perfectly and eliminates the need for banging you chain to get the Quick Link to lock, or for having two tools. The precision edged, nickel-chromoly steel tool will last a lifetime, even with daily shop use, and the molded, textured composite handle grips have proper ergonomics, keeping your hands at ease, even under squeezing pressure.

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  • Shimano designed quick link tool for SM-CN900 11 Speed Quick Link
  • Will work with most other quick link connectors as well
  • Precision edged, nickel-chromoly steel tool
  • Molded, ergonomic, composite grips
  • Used to properly and safely install and remove the Quick Link
  • Shop-level tool made with Shimano quality, ingenuity
  • Shimano Part#: Y13022000
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