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The TL-CN29 Chain Tool is an excellent home mechanic option from Shimano. It was designed for driving pins out chains for sizing reasons, as well as driving a new chain pin in place, with accuracy and ease of use. It is compatible with 9-12 speed Shimano, Wipperman, SRAM, and KMC chains. The body handle and drive handle have been created with ergonomic principles and features that make the usage feel natural in hand, with effective tool control even with greasy hands. Even if you choose to use a QuickLink, you will always need to size your chain to your specific drivetrain needs, so having a precise and reliable chain tool in your tool box or roll is always necessary if you handle bike maintenance at home or on the road.

Shimano has a few special technologies that make the CN29 a great tool. First, they use a ball bearing between the drive pin and the threaded axle for a smoother rotation and less friction on the drive pin. Second, a molybendum treatment on the drive axle thread further decreases overall system friction for smoother action which turning the drive. The last is the shaping of the driving itself, which has a taper. This taper retains the excess ring that is released from the removed rivet pin when "breaking" the chain, again providing safer, smoother action. This excess ring can easily be pulled off the guide ring after use.

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  • Genuine Shimano chain tool for cutting and connecting Shimano 9-12 speed chain
  • Home mechanic chain tool that you'll often find used in shops and by event mechanics
  • Ergonomic design features with handle and grip that are comfortable and secure in hand
  • Ball bearing between the driving pin and the axle enables handle rotation with less effort
  • Molybdenum treatment on the thread of the axle for smoother rotation
  • Special driving pin retains the excess ring of the removed rivet pin for smooth operation
  • With connecting pin guide remover
  • Color: Black
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