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The Shimano 12-speed M9100 XTR and M900 cranksets utilize a new direct mount chainring system. The TL-FC41 Installation Tool is required for installation and removal of the lockring that secures the chainringring to the driveside arm via reverse threading.

The external splines are compatible with tools such as the Park BBT-9 and Shimano FC-TL36 and TL-33 handles that feature the 16th notch system for 44mm OD designs (like the original Hollowtech II bottom bracket size). It also can be used with a large adjustable wrench.

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  • Steel lockring tool designed for 12-speed MTB direct mount chainring install/removal
  • 16-spline tool interface for the specific lockring
  • Externally compatible with 44mm 16 notch FC-TL32/36 or Park BBT-9 tools
  • Also has wrench flats for large adjustable wrench
  • Finish: Black Oxide
  • Shimano # Y13098720
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