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The Shimano TL-LR15 is a pro quality cassette and disc rotor lockring tool and probably the best made, with precision notches that are optimal for Shimano HG cassettes, SRAM 8-11 speed cassettes and all inner notch Center Lock disc rotor lockrings. The center shaft guide pin is ideal for Quick Release hubs, but is fully compatible with 10 and 12mm thru-axle systems. The TL-LR15 is used to both fasten and remove these lockrings, but remember you need some type of chain whip or cassette cog wrench to use in conjunction with the TL-LR15 to remove a cassette lockring. Virtually every lockring has a torque specification and ideally you will use torque wrench for installation to avoid overtightening and/or damage.

Shimano uses hardened steel construction with precision tool edges and guide pin. The notch end specifies as a 12-spline, 23.4mm diameter tool face. You can use an adjustable wrench, or a 15/16" open or closed wrench, as well as a 15/16" socket with a torque wrench (install only) to operate the TL-LR15's 6-sided standard hexagonal tool interface.

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  • Shimano HG cassette and Center Lock disc rotor (internal notch) lockring tool
  • Use for installation of all compatible lockrings, including SRAM 8-11 speed cassettes
  • 12-spline, 23.4mm diameter tool face
  • 15/16" hexagonal tool interface for wrench or socket use
  • Center guide pin fits Quick Release axles for precise and stable control, will work with 10/12mm thru-axles
  • Hardened steel construction with precision tooling/interfaces
  • Color: Black (comes lightly treated with oil to protect against corrosion)
  • Made in Japan
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