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Shimano's derailleur pulleys are very durable and perform flawlessly right up into the moment when they are just too hooked (shaped like shark fins) and start to create chain drag and impact smooth shifting. If you have an Ultegra 6800 series (6800, 6870) rear derailleur in either SS or GS cage lengths, these geniune Shimano replacements are the proper pulley set for you. These are 11-speed specific and shouldn't be used with 10 speed systems. For 11 speed Shimano changed the guide (upper) pulley to a fixed location, in other words it doesn't float side to side. The tighter tolerances of 11 speed allowed the engineers to accommodate the required minuscule overshift with the shift cable pull design.

Both pulleys have 11 teeth and are still individual as guide and tension pulleys, and they are directional. Without the need for guide pulley float, both feature sealed cartridge bearings to reduce drag. Shimano's overarching integration of components includes the shapes and bevels you see on the pulley wheels. These ensure smooth, quiet operation, and keep your bike shifting as it should. Though a composite material, these pulley wheels are not cheap. The fact is the the material wears exceptionally well, and minimizes wear on the chain rollers. They are easy to clean and lube, and if you do this occasionally , they will run fast at all times. Though there are many "upgrades" on the market, Shimano's standard pulley wheels work best with their drivetrain system, and are far more durable. When it's time to replace your mechanical or Di2 rear derailleur pulleys, you buy these.

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  • Genuine Ultegra 6800 series rear derailleur replacement pulley wheels
  • Two directional 11t pulley wheels
  • Composite construction is durable, reduces chain wear
  • Easily mounted using 3mm Hex key (use a clean-edged hex key, not worn)
  • Both guide and tension pulleys feature sealed cartridge bearing
  • Sold as a set of two
  • Works with 6800/6870 derailleurs, both short (SS), and medium (GS) cage lengths
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