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Few bike components have the widespread approval and satisfaction rate of XT disc brakes and the BR-M8100 will only increase those positive statistics. The XC/XC Trail level 2-piston BR-M8100 is built on the post mount standard, can be adapted for 160mm-203mm disc rotors, uses the SM-BH90-SBM hydraulic hose kit, and is sold here as a complete pre-bled lever and caliper set-up in Front and Rear options.

The pre-bled system consists of the M8100 lever and 2-piston caliper, along with the hose kit. The M8100 lever features an optimized lever axle position with additional contact point and refined ergonomics. It's intuitive and versatile braking keeps your focus on the trail, with better lever response under duress due to it's high rigidity. Rider tuned adjustment allows you to set free stroke and reach adjust, while the I-SPEC EV Clamp Band sets the stage for a more ergonomic cockpit overall. The key results of the lever refinements are improved Servo Wave action modulation and lever response at 10% stiffer than M8000 even under high temp conditions.

The SM-BH90-SBM hydraulic hose kit attaches at the lever as normal, and is designed for Shimano's Mineral Oil only. At the caliper a straight Banjo type connection and inside hose routing improve the overall pathway to the caliper. The 2-piston low profile caliper features consistent braking performance and reliable stopping power in all conditions and instills greater downhill confidence and control. Once again Shimano has partnered with ICE Technologies for heat management with input into the caliper shape and function, while supplying the finned disc brake pads you have come to expect, which ride on the secure center pad axle system. Shimano and ICE Tech recommend you use their sandwich-steel disc brake rotors to complete the set-up for best power, feel and heat management.

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  • Pre-bled brake lever/caliper assembly with 2-piston design, refinements over M8000
  • Developed for all XC/XC Trail level riding; balance of weight and performance
  • Consistent braking power instills greater downhill confidence and control
  • Servo Wave delivers superior modulation to give you greater control, confidence
  • Optimized lever axle position with additional contact point and refined ergonomics
  • Greater flexibility and action-optimized cockpit layout via I-SPEC EV Clamp Band
  • Quicker brake engagement with shorter Free Stroke, Quicker piston retraction
  • Toolless reach adjust, Hex key Free Stroke adjust
  • 10% stiffer than M8000 even under high temp conditions
  • SM-BH90-SBM hydraulic hose kit, olive/barb, straight banjo connection at caliper
  • Shimano Mineral Oil only, One-Way bleed system
  • Lightweight, sleek post mount caliper with 2 ceramic pistons
  • ICE Technologies collaborative design
  • Pads: G03A Resin (w/o fin)
  • Options: Front, Rear
  • Finish: XT 8100 series Black
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