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If you are planning to run a new XT DynaSys11 1x drivetrain and want to run the new I-Spec II mounting system, then this M8000-IR I-Spec II Right Shifter is the correct option. Blaze effortlessly up and down the 11-42 cassette and pay attention to the trail, not the shifter. When designing the M8000 system Shimano's engineers re-evaluated the already solid 10 speed version. Shift effort, indexing, and ergonomics all got special attention, as well as increased functionality in gear release. The new I-Spec II mounting system is simple to use and allows for independent adjustment of both the brake and shifter levers.

To reduce shifting effort without negatively impacting a positive feel, the shift levers were lengthened and re-contoured for better ergonomics. Surface texture was also modified for no slip leverage. Action is crisper and easier, and when combined with the provided, new OptiSlick cable, overall shifting effort was reduced by as much as 20%. The Vivid indexing mechanism improves on the already excellent shifting precision, crucial with the tight tolerances of 11 speed. Multi, Instant and 2-Way release all offer advanced shifting capability on the trail. You aren't limited by the controls, but empowered to shift as it works best for you in the conditions. In conjunction with improvement to the rear derailleur and the fine, 11 speed spacing, the shifting for XT has never been better.

It seems that the distinction between XT and XTR has been reduced again, and that the differences come down only to materials and weight. The excellent functionality and features of XT-M8000 can be found in the integration and focus on engineering that Shimano has built it's reputation on. To truly maximize the DynaSys11 1x drivetrain, run the improved and advanced 11 speed XT rear shifter.

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  • Right(rear) RapidFire Plus Shifter for 1x DynaSys11 Speed mountain drivetrain
  • I-Spec II mounting system allows you to independently adjust brake and shifter lever
  • Shift levers have been lengthened, re-contoured/textured for optimal shifting
  • Vivid indexing increases precision of indexed shifts, consistently stable shifting
  • Opti-Slick cable coated with Hyper Low Friction Coating technology
  • New shift release capability- multi, instant, and 2-way
  • Lever, indexing, and new Opti-Slick cable increase shift efficiency up to 20%
  • Includes: Opti-Slick cable, OT-SP41 housing, ferrules, end cap
  • Color: Black
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