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Widely considered one of the best trail and enduro pedals available, the PD-M9120 receives some welcome improvements over the previous design to keep this pedal on the top of its game. The M9120 now has a larger contact patch with an expanded rearward shoe-pedal contact area. This large area with rearward shape improves the stability of your shoe when riding more rowdy terrain or for use with non-clipless shoes. This larger platform results in a 13 gram increase in weight per pair, but the control and compatibility now offered far offsets the small weight penalty. Now included is an optional Rider Tuned 1mm cleat spacer for better fitment with shoes with taller lug heights and different sole designs.

The rest of the PD-M9120 pedal typifies XTR-level products. The fully-serviceable pedal body spins on smooth, high quality cartridge bearings. The beautifully polished and treated chromoly axle is stiff and durable, and has an 8mm hex interface at the axle stem which is used for installation and removal. The wide range of pedal release tension is adjustable for both sides of the double entry pedal with a 3mm hex key. Included with pedals are a complete set of SH-51 single release cleats and mounting hardware. The story of this pedal is simple. Impeccable craftsman ship meets a constantly perfected SPD design to create a best-selling product.

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  • Adjustable entry and release tension
  • Robust, dependable retention claws
  • Wider bearing placement
  • Slimmer, lighter axle
  • Durable chrome-moly spindle
  • Oval shaped axle body housing for improved mud and debris evacuation
  • Includes SH-51 cleats
  • 398 grams actual weight
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