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The Silca Press-On Chuck is an extremely simply experience to push on, stay on, and press off. The fit and feel of the chuck makes for easy use, and a pressure relief valve releases the back pressure in the hose for safer, simpler chuck removal with less wear on the replaceable Silca 242 Synthetic Gasket. To improve further on the original classic versions, the design group at Silca felt the need to re-imagine this most iconic of cycling tools as an heirloom-quality objet d'art.

The utmost care has been taken to machine the part using mono-crystalline diamond tooling to get the perfect surface finish, while the final feel of the part benefits from an investigation into more than 20 different styles and depths of knurl so that it will feel just-so in your hands as it provides a lifetime of useful enjoyment. Excessive? Not to Silca. This is truly a tool you will hand down to your children and them in turn onto theirs.

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  • Top quality Presta-valve chuck that can fit to a threaded Schrader valve end of any floor pump
  • Obsessively defined knurled surface an mono-crystalline diamond tooling, express the quality and detail that impacts the user for a lifetime of use
  • Button releases back pressure in hose for safer and easier removal
  • Easy press-on use, press-off (from the rim/tire end- see helpful video for service and use details)
  • Replaceable 242 Synthetic gasket for long life
  • Upper section threads into any Schrader attachment
  • Finish: Polished aluminum
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