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Introducing the Ultimate Chain Waxing System – your all-in-one solution for effortless chain maintenance right from the comfort of your home. This compact kit includes everything you need for a thorough waxing experience, ensuring your drivetrain stays pristine, silent, and highly efficient.

The wax warmer, drip stand, and cable coupler come together to equip you for the cleanest and smoothest chain treatment possible. With the wax melter featuring a vented clear lid, you can retain heat efficiently while easily monitoring the wax's melting progress. It's the ideal partner for Strip Chip and Secret Chain Blend Hot Wax ( both sold separately), offering a streamlined, degreaser-free chain waxing process in a single step.

Thanks to the chain hanging stand, you can enjoy a mess-free drying period, allowing excess wax to drip back into the pot for future use. Its notched base secures the melter in place, ensuring stability, while securely holding the chain coupler in position.

The chain coupler boasts a steel cable threaded on one end, enabling it to loop through your chain and fasten securely on the other side. Dip, agitate, and hang your chain without worrying about unwanted wax drips or the hassle of handling hot wax pots. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Ultimate Chain Waxing System for a hassle-free chain maintenance routine.

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  • Cable Coupler, Drip Stand, and Electric Wax Warmer Included
  • 600ml wax capacity
  • Temperature Range: 75-125ºC
  • 14" x 8.5" x 9"
  • North American Plug
  • 120V
  • PLEASE NOTE: Wax sold separately
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