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This latest version of Silca's disc wheel pump head (aka the "crack pipe") is 100% US manufactured in 6066-T6 aluminum and uses new high-tech 252 Elastomeric internal gasket. This unique bright red gasket borrows from industries which require air-tight seals in the harshest of environments. It tests to a life expectancy of more than five times the carbon filled rubber or Buna-N materials.

The 252 gasket mates with a new compression head design allowing the user to tighten the gasket fit by nearly 200% by simply tightening the cap. In tests with a major disc wheel manufacturer, the new SILCA Disc Adapter literally blew away the field by posting a blow-off pressure of 393 psi, more than three times the pressure achieved by any competing design.

When former Zipp engineer and Technical Director Josh Poertner bought Silca and moved it to Indianapolis in 2014, he went on a mission to restore the Silca name back to the highest level. This finely crafted Disc Wheel Adapter Silca's is evidence of Silca's rebirth and takes a proven design to the next level with contemporary premium materials and engineering.

Great to use with the Silca Thread On Schrader Chuck.

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  • Threads into any Schrader pump head
  • Can only be used to inflate Presta valves
  • Exclusive Compression Head design can tighten gasket over 200% by simply tightening cap
  • Compression Head allows you to adjust fit for even the most worn Presta valves
  • True no-holding disc inflation on all style Presta valves including threaded stems
  • Full metal construction, no plastic parts to wear or fail
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