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The EOLO IIV builds on the SILCA tradition by using an ultra-precise spool valve design with a dial design added to a light action spring mechanism to give the user perfect control of the flow into the tire. That spring action system carries over from the EOLO III- minus the dial control, the body and overall the manually interactive design has changed to be easier to handle and control during use. Instead of a polished surface and rubber rings, the EOLO IV has a more tactile shape and a body that is fully coated in a light rubber for better feel and protection from the cold that releasing CO2 from the a CO2 canister creates.

The full metal construction of the EOLO III contains no plastic parts and is manufactured entirely with aluminum and stainless steel. The hardened 17-4 puncture pin is more than 2x the hardness of traditional puncture pins to ensure smooth operation in all conditions over many years. This is the simple solution to roadside inflation. Thread a CO2 cartridge on, press it onto the valve, and air is in your tire- with the flow you dial in. This is a no-nonsense approach that you can count on to get you home quickly with less fuss and maximum CO2 deployed.

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  • Compact, highly evolved 4th generation of the EOLO inflator from Silca
  • Threads onto both Presta and Schrader valves for secure no-leak interface
  • Full metal construction of the EOLO IV contains no plastic parts
  • Manufactured entirely from 6063 series aluminum and stainless steel
  • Knurl-textured knob regulates flow rate
  • Aluminum body with rubber insulators protects fingers from cold
  • Hardened tool steel puncture pin for fast, effective, durable canister puncturing
  • Light-action spring for easily regulated flow
  • This item does not include a CO2 cartridge
  • Color: Red and Black
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