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The Silca "Hiro" Side-Lever Locking Presta Chuck gets it nickname from a design based on the legendary Japanese Hirame pump head coveted by all the Euro Pro mechanics as they were very hard to come by. This little pump head was also known as a "hero" for reliable filling multiple wheels perfectly in a very busy service course just before the starting gun.

Former Zipp engineer and Technical Director Josh Poertner bought Silca in 2014 and relocated the legendary company to Indiana. One of Josh's passions was to create a better, disc wheel compatible locking chuck which can hold 300psi (not that you would do that) and made from even finer materials, like high carbon steel. Josh wanted a pump head that had the history and legacy of Silca behind it.

Josh and the new Silca crew worked tirelessly to create this precision pump head. They added some new features, like a unique rotating head which allows the chuck to more easily align with the valve stem and eliminates hose twist regardless of wheel orientation. Josh decided on high carbon steel as the primary material for it's environmental friendliness compared to chrome plated steel and for it's extreme durability and chemical resistance when compared to all other metals. Silca obsessed over the right amount of knurl, rough enough to be handled very precisely even when covered in grease or wet, yet not so much that those of us with office jobs during the week end up with shredded fingers.

The Hiro Chuck is a finely crafted tool for those obsessed with the details as well as the experience of cycling. It is a tool which rewards knowledge and understanding of how it works so expect to spend some time acquainting yourself with the adjustment of the Hiro before you use it. After some fine-tuning, you will smile every time you use it and you will amaze onlookers in the track infield at your ability to achieve any pressure without holding it in place, and you will someday hand it down to your children.

Great to use with the Silca Thread On Schrader Chuck.

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  • Full metal construction, guaranteed for 25 years
  • Uses SILCA 253 High-Tech Elastomer gasket
  • Adjustable gasket pre-load allows for customizable fit on any valve as well as compensation for gasket wear
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