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Since Silca was purchased by former Zipp engineer Joshua Poertner in 2013, the venerated Italian pump brand has been reconsidered, but in a manner that honors Poertner's promise to the original family owners. Production and assembly has been brought in-house to a small shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. The new Silca has started small, developing bespoke designs of incredible quality and craftsmanship that not only look and perform beautifully, but will do so for many years. The HX-ONE Home and Shop Essentials Kit is just such a product, and while some may scoff at the detail and care that has gone into supplying this high quality tool kit, any mechanic or cyclist who appreciates precision, longevity, and details will fall in love. From the tool finish to the story-in-itself machined beechwood storage box, the HX-ONE Home and Shop Essentials Kit perfectly exemplifies the love and care that Silca under Josh Poertner has brought to its products.

Developed and built to handle the day to day use of bike mecahnics, the HX-ONE tools L-shaped hex wrenches and fittings are precision made with S-2 German-Swiss tool steel. The tools ends are treated with a hardened chrome, which will not distort, ensuring a clean interface with receiving bolts. The L-handles are then sprayed with a high-grip, high-visibility textured polymer finish for maximum grip and control, even when your hands are wet or greasy. To use the included Torx and driver bits, the 6mm L-handle fits into a proprietary 17-4 Stainless Magnetic Adapter, which will work with Silca's bits, but also any 1/4" steel bits you have on hand. You get tight, precise fit and performance from the tool experience- no sloppy interfaces here.

Each HX-ONE kit is housed in a fully CNC machined Beechwood box made from sustainable growth. Silca technicians hand-sand each box and apply the stainless steel crest. A company goal was to make using the tool kit accessible with one-hand. Every every experienced wrench knows why. The Beechwood box uses a magnetic closure system that can be opened easily with one hand, and each tool rests in a CNC machined slot, held in place by a single elastomeric tab. Each tool fits into and out of it’s slot with a satisfying click so that even when stretched one-handed from work stand to workbench, you can be confident you are in control of the tool you are handling.

This attention to detail, and tool excellence is emblematic of the new Silca. While many could make the argument that tools are meant to be used and will get ruined, Silca opts for designs and materials that demonstrate otherwise. If you have been in a bike shop with tool scattered around benches, you likely know where you won't find an HX-ONE, but if prefer the cleanliness and order of an F1 or Nascar team work area, you will understand the value and refinement of the HX-ONE Home and Shop Essentials Kit, and appreciate it to the fullest degree. If you need one yourself, or have a cyclist in your life who loves great tools, the HX-ONE makes a great gift, anytime of the year. Return to Top


  • Impeccable bicycle tool kit with high-grade materials, exceptional attention to detail
  • Made from S-2 Tool Steel for the optimal balance of strength, hardness, shock resistance and dimensional control
  • Hex keys are coated with thin-dense Chrome which provides the hardest, most stable finish possible
  • Each L-handle is spray coated with a high-grip, high-visibility textured polymer finish for maximum grip, control
  • Precision-crafted ends fit better, with less likelihood of damaging any fastener material
  • The HX-One kit packed in fully CNC-machined box made from sustainable and beautiful Beechwood Box which has a simple magnetic closure system
  • Each tool rests in a CNC machined slot, held in place by a single elastomeric tab
  • Includes 8 hex keys (10,8,6,5,4,3,2.52, 6 Torx sizes (30,25,20,15,10,8), 2 Phillips Head and 2 Flat Head drivers and SILCA's proprietary 17-4 Stainless Magnetic Adapter
  • Magnetic Adapter turns the 6mm Hex Key into a 1/4” socket drive, will fit any 1/4” driver bit
  • Ideal "anytime" gift for any cyclist or bike mechanic
  • Made in USA from locally sourced, manufactured products
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