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One of the secrets to the long term viability of Silca's greatest pumps has been their use of a replaceable high-quality leather gasket, which they believe- and have demonstrated, is a better option than a silicone o-ring or other products with their pump designs.

The #731 Leather Piston Gasket for 28mm internal diameter pump barrels is the most commonly used standard for Silca pumps but there have been other sizes, so makes sure you confirm the size. The gasket should be conditioned before use to keep it flexible and create a great seal, and Silca recommends their NFS Pump Lube, which is also used inside the barrel. It is a good idea to check that the barrel is clean, ensuring there is no sand or even a piece of worn gasket inside before installing a conditioned, new #731 piston gasket onto the pump piston. Silca has a couple of helpful videos on their website to assist you in these processes.

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  • Famed leather gasket design used by many Silca pumps over the years, #731 is for 28mm ID Silca pumps
  • Leather gasket should be "conditioned" before use, and can also be done as part of regular pump maintenance
  • Silca recommends their NFS Pump Lube, a 100% pure synthetic oil optimized to adhere to SILCA leather gaskets and coat pump tube walls
  • Commonly used to refresh the PISTA, PISTA PLUS and VIAGGIO pump
  • Fits all 28mm internal diameter SILCA pumps
  • Made from finest quality full grain leather
  • Produced by hand on the same equipment continuously since 1960
  • 2.50mm thick leather
  • Option: #731, formerly referred to as the 73.1
  • Hand-crafted in Milan, Italy
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