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Back in 2017 Silca decided to bring back the classic Pista floor pump. For those not familiar, the Pista was equipment de rigueur for any shop, racer or enthusiast from the 1960s through the late 1980s. The revamp process began with Silca engineers carefully disassembling a late model year Pista pump and the recreating every piece with modern machining techniques and high quality materials. One exception being the welcomed choice of an ash wood handle over the OE Bakelite plastic handle Silca had issued decades earlier.

Silca did a great job of preserving the beautiful aesthetics of the original Pista, while improving the pump on a functional level. The high strength steel barrel has been powder coated for long lasting durability. It's attached to a forged steel base that has a modern gauge cast into the left end of the base. Solid brass fittings secure the base to the barrel and large piston to form one cohesive package. Resting on top of the pump is a treated ash handle, which seems to get better with age and ties the whole design together. And true to its heritage, the Pista is a completely serviceable and rebuildable floor pump, built to last many years.

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  • Simple Presta chuck with bleeder valve
  • High strength steel barrel
  • Treated Ash wood handle with hose guides
  • Replaceable leather washer and rebuildable Presta chuck
  • Max Pressure: 220 psi
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