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Comprised of meticulously refined laboratory-grade paraffin combined with a concentrated blend of three specific sizes of nano-scale Tungsten disulfide, Secret Chain Blend serves not only as a lubricant but also as a transformative agent for the chain's surface. By infusing the metal with highly lubricious and wear-resistant tungsten disulfide particles, it effectively fills in all the metal's crevices.

Chains treated with Secret Chain Blend alongside Secret Chain Lube demonstrate a remarkable improvement over time and with repeated waxings, becoming faster due to the enhanced surface modification. Furthermore, Secret Chain Blend stands out as the sole hot wax lubricant offering a precisely matched drip wax, which can be used to replenish the wax as needed. This prolongs the intervals between hot wax applications, ensuring an impeccably quiet drivetrain.

Utilizing the combination of Secret Chain Blend and Secret Chain Lube can significantly extend the lifespan of both the chain and drivetrain components, potentially up to tenfold.

Note: It is essential not to leave the sousvide bag unattended in a pot of water on the stove at any stage of the chain waxing process.

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  • Saves up to 8w
  • 500g pouch
  • Extend the life of your wax with Super Secret Chain Treatment
  • Clean to the touch on the chain
  • No PFAS chemicals
  • Get up to 25,000 km out of a chain
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