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Buying lubricant is more challenging than buying toothpaste. So many options. So many amazing capabilities and options. Serious cycling enthusiasts want performance, low friction, some protection, and silence (from their chain lube, not their toothpaste), but llimited use, hot wax options are better for events than in-season training and racing. Silca's new oil-based lubricant is based on technology originally developed in F1 racing, to reduce friction and nearly eliminate wear in all metal components. The Synergetic oil has tested internally to be the fastest and quietest oil based lubricant ever tested, losing only 4.9 watts on 250 input (98.1% efficiency), however, it really begins to shine when focusing on longevity and durability of the chain and mating components. Best of all, because the lubricant forms a durable tribofilm at the metal surface, and is strongly attracted to itself, the lube proves to be exceptionally waterproof, remaining inside the chain even in testing under full water submersion, the lubricant is not displaced!

This lube is for the demanding cyclist who wants to experience the lower friction, increased lifespan, and silence of the most advanced lubrication technologies without the extra work involved with deep cleaning, drying and waxing their chain. For best results apply to clean/dry chain, but good results may apply to new factory lubed chain and will fully displace the factory lube within 4-5 application.

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  • Ultra high wearing, ultra quiet, ultra waterproof wet lube
  • Efficient and highly effective- ideal for race and fast training use
  • Silca claims 98% drivetrain efficiency- competitive vs their 98.6% hot melt wax)
  • Standard re-lube interval is 500mi/800km, giving you at least 10,000mi/16,000km per bottle
  • For best results- apply to clean/dry chain
  • For good results- may be applied to new factory lubed chain- will fully displace the factory lube within 4-5 applications
  • Size: 2oz squeeze bottle (with 18ga needle Luer Lock)
  • Made in USA
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