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On the trail, inflating a tire can be a nightmare, especially with the volume challenge. For emergency purposes CO2 can inflate quickly, but an epic ride requires an effective pump that can not only handle an emergency, but also be great for adding pressure for a faster, less technical run-in to the trail head. Specialized has updated their long running Air Tool MTB Pump with a new inverted, dual chamber design that delivers 28% more air per stroke despite it's manageable size.

The Air Tool MTB pump is their most dependable and durable big-volume frame pump. It's intended to be carried on the bike with a water bottle cage boss bracket for quick access and use in all off-road conditions. As the new design greatly increases air capacity, it reduces pump time by up to two minutes when you are starting from empty. The internal and external materials are aluminum to keep weight low, heat managed, and still deliver long term efficacy. The machined outer surface enhances grip, and an updated dust cover prevents dirt and mud from clogging up the dual valve design. It is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves, though a simple manual conversion of the gasket is required. The head is a twist-lock design, keeping the barrel in place and the gasket secure on your valve. This is truly an MTB pump, but with a 60psi max pressure and higher volume design, some bikepackers and gravel riders on 27.5" (650b) tires may well prefer it to a slimmer road-oriented model.

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  • Updated, effective mountain bike pump designed for frame carry, but can also be stored in a hydration pack
  • Can also be a great option for higher volume, lower pressure gravel and bikepacking drop bar bikes
  • Inverted dual chamber design is more compact yet moves 28% more air per stroke when compared to our previous design, reducing pumping time by up to two minutes
  • Twist-locking head is easily converted to fit Presta or Schrader valves
  • Machined aluminum outer barrel for extra grip while pumping
  • All-aluminum inner and outer chamber for durable performance
  • Water bottle boss frame mounting bracket included (composite)
  • Updated dust cover prevents unwanted opening
  • Max pressure: 60 PSI (4.1bar)
  • Volume-per-stroke: 100cc
  • Color: Black
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