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The Globe Haul ST bike is an electric wonder optimized for urban and load usage. There are several accessories that can build out your Globe for great versatility, but some are meant to be used as a system, this kit allows you customize your Globe rack. All Globe racks are made with T-channel aluminum rails to maximize versatility, capability, and creativity. Many of the Globe-branded accessories mount directly to these channels, but they will also accept just about anything you can imagine bolting to them. To help unlock that possibility, the Rack Customization Kit provides an assortment of bolts and T-nuts compatible with the Globe front and rear rack rails. Just bring your own milk carton, wine crate, cooler, you name it! Two T-channel rail pieces can be used to increase the effective dimensions of your rack to provide a more secure platform for large or awkward gear.

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  • Parts kit for customizing your Globe rack or racks
  • Compatible with Globe Haul ST rear rack and Globe Front Rack
  • Includes two rack extension rails, eight T-nuts, and 12 assorted bolts
  • Includes all required tools when purchased with the Globe Haul ST
  • Color: Black
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