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Experience remarkable relief from discomfort as the Power Expert with Mirror saddle significantly reduces pressure-related pain, setting it apart from its foam-based counterpart, the Power Comp Saddle. Housing two Mirror Technology inserts, thoughtfully shaped like tear drops, this saddle effectively targets and alleviates sit bone pressure.

Apart from the ever popular Power shape, Specialized adds its groundbreaking Mirror technology, developed through 3D printing of a liquid polymer. This innovation allows for infinite density customization within a single material. However, a material's efficacy depends on the ingenuity of designers and engineers who wield it. Harnessing our Body Geometry approach, enriched by Retül data and decades of experience, the 3D-printed matrix is meticulously calibrated to distribute sit bone pressure over a broader area. This results in a hammock-like effect, where the saddle cradles your weight rather than compressing the surrounding tissue.

Acknowledging the uniqueness of every body, we recognize the common challenges faced by riders: sit bone pressure, scar tissue accumulation, and compromised blood flow. Through pressure mapping, unbiased comfort assessments, and blood flow studies, the synergy of Body Geometry and Mirror Saddles emerges as a solution that doesn't just promise relief but substantiates it. Notably, this marks the debut of Mirror technology in additional sizes (130 and 168).

The Power Expert with Mirror saddle shares the same 3D printing technology as the S-Works Power with Mirror. However, the Expert variant features a 4-way stretch cover to shield the Mirror lattice from mud and debris. This dirt-repelling attribute, paired with robust yet lightweight hollow titanium rails, solidifies the Power Expert with Mirror as an intelligent choice for both gravel and mountain enthusiasts, alongside those favoring paved terrains.

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  • Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure improved comfort and blood flow to sensitive arteries
  • Mirror technology inserts to provide additional sit bone relief
  • Lightweight and durable hollow Titanium rails
  • Supportive and lightweight PU foam surrounding the 3D printed inserts
  • 130mm/210g, 143mm/214g, 155/225g, 168/227g
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