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Super lightweight carbon bottle cages generally struggle to retain resilience over time, or make too many compromises to hold bottles effectively. We consider this 3rd generation Specialized S-Works Carbon Rib Cage to have nailed the essentials while incorporating smart details that make this road cage more effective and potentially more efficient.

The 24 gram cage features FACT carbon construction and shaping that amplifies the nature of that build. The curved and shaped retention arms rise up from the lower half of the spine with graceful, purposeful angled upper and lower sections that come to point higher up on a bottle. This allows for easier draw and return access from both sides, but captures the bottle with ideal pressure at the bottom for retention. The separated arms offer the flex you need for smooth action, but are resilient enough to provide lasting grip and control of the top of the bottle. One tip: when you draw or return, pull out to the side or enter from the side. Pulling back on the bottle is less than ideal.

The arms are laid up with the spine, which in this case appears to have a molded shape ideal for a bottle, with subtly-shaped, recessed design that keeps the bottle closer to the frame. On many bikes with oversized or flat-back downtubes, this creates more aero flow transition. Tiny gains are gains. The spine is stiff and has a perfectly formed vertical arm with shaped and curved hold for the bottle indentation. The design is stout, and more resilient than one might think. We especially like the larger bottom rest for the bottle, with it's open center that allows water to drain easily. The mounting holes offer some vertical alignment room, and the finish is spectacular. We would not recommend the S-Works Carbon Rib Cage III for gravel use and see it as fantastically designed and built road cage that just happens to be just 24 grams. Return to Top


  • Superlight carbon road water bottle cage with impressive design, function and finish
  • Shaping and design for easy bottle draw and return access from either side
  • FACT carbon construction creates a splendid fusion of strength, optimal bottte retention, and light overall weight
  • Tuned compression design provides secure bottle retention
  • Potentially more aero as the cage sits lower to the frame- aero benefit is bottle/cage/frame combination dependent
  • Finish: Carbon/Matte Black, Carbon/Gloss Black
  • Weight: 24 grams
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