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Describing the S-Works Mondo solely as an endurance tire would be an understatement. We firmly believe it stands as the ultimate achievement in endurance engineering, surpassing all others in terms of speed. It encompasses everything that riders expect from a top-tier endurance tire: exceptional durability for long miles, unwavering traction in all weather conditions, and unmatched puncture protection. On top of that, it takes performance to a whole new level by offering unparalleled efficiency and a lightweight design. In fact, Specialized claims that the S-Works Mondo tubeless tire is the fastest endurance tire ever created, outperforming others by being 11% more efficient and 5% lighter. It represents the perfect fusion of speed and durability, making it the go-to choice for riders seeking versatility and reliability.

With options available in widths of 28, 32, and 35 mm, you'll be fully prepared to tackle any challenges that lie ahead on the road. The Mondo tire embraces the belief that the world was crafted to be conquered by its extraordinary capabilities.

In Specialized controlled laboratory tests, the S-Works Mondo exhibited the lowest rolling resistance and weight compared to any other competitor within its class.

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  • Casing: 120 TPI
  • Bead: Foldable 2Bliss Ready
  • Dual Compound: GRIPTONĀ® T2/T5
  • Flat Protection: GRID RACE and BlackBelt
  • 700 x 28mm, psi 70-95, approximate weight 310g
  • 700 x 32mm, psi 50-80, approximate weight 330g
  • 700 x 35mm, psi 50-80, approximate weight 360g
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