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An S-Works series Power saddle from Specialized represents the pinnacle of the race-purposed short saddle design. It is the lightest version, with the thinnest padding, while providing premium build components of the stiffer, tuned FACT carbon fiber shell, as well as the FACT carbon oval rail structure. The S-Works Power is favored by World Tour cyclists who prefer the Power concept, and want the most direct and connected experience with their saddle when facing the most challenging routes at the highest level of competitive cycling.

The aptly named Power saddle line from Specialized represents the push for the best combination of power, efficiency and actual physical health and comfort while riding in an aggressive position. Yes, it is designed for forward hip rotation, such as what you'd find while riding in the drops, or simply having more overall drop from the saddle to the top of the bars. The shorter structure of the saddle is often referred to as "stub-nose" though not all short models truly fit that term. By removing the forward extension of the saddle, where few people actually truly ride much, the Power reduces the area forward of the main sit bone contact points.

This design must also be evaluated with the scientifically informed saddle width and relief concepts of the Body Geometry system, which ideally finds the general saddle width and shape that hits the sitbone widths of the rider as the starting point of choosing a saddle platform. Specialized dealers have the means to assist you with this rather personal assessment, but when you are shopping online it can be more challenging. Understanding saddle widths, models, and shapes that have been better for you in the past can be very helpful in this regard. A saddle that is too narrow means the sitbones aren't being supported, and likely brings soft tissue into conflict over a larger area, while stressing the sitbones and pelvic floor. A saddle that is too wide can force the legs outward from the pelvis, impacting pressure, pedaling alignment and again, increasing certain pressure zones.

This brings to the specifics of the S-Works Power Saddle. First, it is available in three widths- 130mm, 143mm and 155mm. There are two crucial components making it an S-Works level product. The lightweight, stiff FACT carbon fiber shell was designed for top-level competition use. This platform is flex-tuned for support and ride compliance, wonders of carbon as an applied material. The second is the very light, very stiff FACT 7x9mm oval carbon rails. These provide incredible overall stiffness when combined with the FACT shell, and the integrated structure delivers the best pedaling platform in the line-up while still mitigating road vibration. Despite that the saddle is still compatible with the SWAT saddle-mounted accessory system. Padding wise, this is a Specialized Level 1, which confers the lightest level of padding for the most direct connection to the bike. Minimal though it is, the super-light PU padding used offers far more comfort and support on longer rides than one would think, but remember, this design is favored by pro cyclists who have long been used to minimalist saddle padding.

Ideal for aggressive road cycling and racing the S-Works Power has been embraced by serious enthusiasts and the racing community. If you have struggled with perineal pressure and numbness in a lower forward riding position, the Power may be your best option. With so much variability in body type and human anatomy, no product can claim to be perfect for everyone, and a huge amount of time riding a bike of any kind involves direct saddle pressure. Finding the greatest level of comfort and performance in a race saddle that mitigates the most possible tissue and structural discomfort is the goal of every pro.

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  • Pro cycling level saddle designed for more aggressive riding postures for long hours on the bike
  • Excellent shorter (240mm long) saddle platform for pedal power and efficiency
  • Slightly lifted tail/sloping sides for a cleaner path to pedals, the slight tail lift provides rear stability
  • Patented Body Geometry design is lab-tested to ensure blood flow to sensitive arteries, support sensitive tissue
  • Level 1 padding: Lightest level of padding for the most direct connection to the bike
  • Super-light PU padding for comfort and support on longer rides
  • Tough, lightweight, and water-resistant synthetic cover; perforations allow it to breathe
  • Race-ready FACT carbon fiber shell is flex-tuned for support and ride compliance
  • Ultra-light, strong, and oversized (7x9mm oval) FACT carbon rails
  • Rails not compatible with side-loading seatpost heads designed for 7x7mm round rails, will work with most vertical style-clamps- follow all clamp torque specifications
  • SWAT™-compatible mounts molded into the saddle base allow for sleek and integrated storage solutions
  • Width options: 130mm, 143mm, 155mm
  • Colors: Black, Red, Charcoal
  • Weight: 150g, (actual, 130mm width), 155g (actual, 143mm width), 161g (actual, 155mm width)
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